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Master's in Materials Science and Engineering

blob.png As the second highest-rated materials school in China, SMSE is an international leader in various fields like materials engineering, physics and chemistry, nanomaterials and inorganic nonmetallic materials, among others. Our Master’s Degree in Materials Science and Engineering – awarded by the Department of Science and Engineering – prepares graduates to successfully enter the professional workforce in industries ranging from metallurgy, machinery, energy, electronics, architecture, military engineering, aviation, as well as enterprises of advanced materials production, research institutes and Universities. 


* At this time we have a Chinese-only Master's programs and no English-only Master's Program. If unable to meet the minimum Chinese proficiency requirement of HSK level 5, students interested in completing our Chinese Masters Program will have to complete one year of Chinese language classes, followed by two and a half years of Materials Science and Engineering graduate coursework.

Requirements for admission:

* Personal Statement (English or Chinese - 800 words).

* Two Recommendation Letters from prior professors.

* Minimum IELTS 6.0 score; OR minimum IBT TOEFL 80 score.

* Minimum HSK level 5 Chinese profiency (required for students who do not wish to complete the year of Chinese language classes).

* Table of contents and abstracts of any academic publications.

* For other administrative requirements please visit the International Office's Graduate Application Process page.