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Prof. SUN Jialin


Head of Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Phone: (+86)-10-62332666 

The field of Inorganic materials is the one of the three major fields in the materials research area. With the rapid development of high technology, the research and the development of inorganic materials have been paid more and more attention at home and abroad. The specialty focuses on cultivating high-levelengineering talents who are capable of carrying out the works for Research, Design and Development of Structured Ceramics, Special Refractories, Inorganic Functional Materials and Energy Materials.

Besides high skills in the mathematics, physics and chemistry, students have been offered fine training in computer and research approach of Inorganic materials. The required courses include: Silicate Physical Chemistry, Solid Materials Structure Introduction, Thermodynamics Introduction and Kiln Design. Other related or elective programs such as Structured Ceramics and Refractories have been provided to students for broadening their knowledge.

Directions of research include Structured Ceramics (including High Temperature Structured Ceramics, Gradient Functional Materials), Computer Aided Design for Special Refractories, Preparation Processing, Structures, Properties and Obdurability of Advanced Materials, Combustion Compound Theories and Processing Technology, Solid Electrolyte Sensor, High Energy Fuel Batteries, Inorganic Smart Materials, New Processing Research for Superfine Powders and Nano-Materials, Advanced Ceramic Materials and Technology, Inorganic Nonmetallic Functional Materials, and Inorganic Nonmetallic Structure Materials.