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Bachelor's in Materials Science and Engineering

blob.pngMaterials, information and energy are three pillars of modern civilization, and together they serve as leading forces behind the development society and technology. With this in mind, the Bachelor's of Materials Science and Engineering has been designed as  a multi-discipline subject comprised of fields like mathematics, physics, chemistry, metallurgy and computer technology. The specialty aims to cultivate high level talents who have a solid educational background, can master materials design and have a solid grasp of the relationship between materials ingredients, structures, preparation, processing and properties. Our alumni finish our program with a thorough understanding of materials preparation, the development, application and control of processing technology and they are fully capable of conducting research and help in the development of new materials, materials design, production and management.

Please note that undergraduate applicants DO NOT need to meet the university's Chinese language requirement of HSK level 4 if they are paying for the undergraduate studies on their own.

Requirements for admission:

* Minimum IELTS 6.0 score; OR minimum IBT TOEFL 80 score.

* For other administrative requirements please visit the International Office's Undergraduate Application Process page.

Furthermore, below is a list of undergraduate SMSE courses.