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Prof. LIU Quanlin


Head of Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry

Phone: (+86)-10-62334705


Materials Physics and Chemistry is an applied fundamental Discipline, which focuses on the research for various materials, especially the advanced materials, exploring the basic rules of interrelationship between the properties and microstructures, offering the scientific basis for the development of high - tech and advanced materials. It is an integrated discipline of subjects of science and engineering, aiming to cultivate the research talents with sound fundamental theories of Materials Science and capability of implementation of modern research methods.

The Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry is widely known for its research projects and enjoys a high reputation in the field of material science domestically and internationally, especially in the following academic subjects: Materials Fracture and the Principle of Environment Induced Fracture, Physical and Chemical Behaviors of Materials Surface and Boundary and Physical Metallurgy Basis of Materials Obdurability.

Directions of research include Environment Induced Cracking, Crystal Defects and New Generation Structure Materials, Materials Micro-Structure and Electronic Structure, Materials Surface and Crystal Boundary, and Nano Structured Materials and Technology.