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Prof. LIU Xuefeng


Head of Department of Materials Processing and Control Engineering

Phone: (+86)-10-62333627

Materials Processing and Control Engineering is an applied fundamental discipline which focuses on the interrelations among materials preparation, forming processing technology, control approach for forming processing and materials structure and characteristics. Its main task is to provide scientific basis for materials preparation, processing production, forming processing optimization and processing technology, equipment and the control methods for advanced materials.

At present, the Department of Materials Processing and Control Engineering and the Discipline Committee of Materials Processing Engineering are responsible for the organization and coordination of the teaching activities, scientific research and education as well as planning the development of the discipline.

Directions of research include Advanced Materials Preparation and Processing, Materials Forming Processing Control and Simulation, New Processing and New Technology for Plastic Working, Materials Processing Theories and Structure Control, Metal Solidification and Control, and Advanced Materials Welding Technology.