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104th Session of China Distinguished Materials Scientists Forum——Report by Academician Li Yuliang

In the 104th session sponsored by China Distinguished Materials Scientists Forum, Li Yuliang, Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, was invited to give an academic report entitled "two dimensional graphene: review and progress" in the lecture hall of University of Science and Technology Beijing on the afternoon of December 25th. Present at the lecture were Yang Renshu, President of University of Science and Technology Beijing, and nearly 200 teachers and students. The animated academic report was presided over by Professor Xing Xianran, Director of the Institute of Solid Chemistry.



At the beginning of the forum, Professor Xing Xianran briefed the lecturer, Academician Li Yuliang, who was presented a commemorative forum plaque for Chinese masters by President Yang Renshu.



Accompanied by warm applause, Academician Li made a systematic and in-depth report on the discovery, research, application and development trend of two-dimensional graphene. According to Academician Li, the development of graphene and its aggregate structure, especially one-dimensional and two-dimensional graphene based aggregate structure materials and heterostructure materials, is an important direction in the development of materials science. Understanding their correlation with and potential applications in optics, electricity, optoelectronics, energy and catalysis guides the development trend of interdisciplinary sciences based on chemistry. Academician Li, whose team has been committed to graphene studies since the 1990s, showed us the self-assembly and self-organization methodology of graphene based materials based on innovative ideas. In addition, considering the structure and growth law of carbon based materials, as well as scientific problems like structure and energy, his team has succeeded in the controllable preparation of aggregate structure from one dimension to two dimensions. He noted we are proud that Chinese scientists are leading the world's research direction and frontier in grapheme——a new research hotspot and field, which has been of wide concern due to its special electronic and chemical structure.



After the report, the teachers and students present asked questions enthusiastically, including in-depth questions on specific research issues and doubts on macro scientific research methods. He responded to the questions in detail. The teachers and students learned that the challenge ahead for us and the development trend in this field is to explore the basic scientific problems and potential applications of graphene and its aggregate structure in energy, catalysis, optoelectronics and other fields.



The report came to an end in warm applause from the students. Academician Li's wonderful sharing of scientific research greatly benefited the teachers and students present. We believe that more teachers and students will be inspired by Academician Li to make contributions in their own fields.


Introduction to the speaker:

Li Yuliang, Researcher of the Institute of Chemistry at Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor and doctoral supervisor of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chief Scientist of the "973" Project of the National Major Scientific Research Program made under the Ministry of Science and Technology (2007-2015), member of the Steering Experts of the Natural Science Foundation of China on major research programs (2008-2019), was once engaged in research and collaborative research in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the National Radiation Laboratory at the University of Notre Dame and the Department of Chemistry at the University of Hong Kong. He won the second prizes for Natural Science Award of China in 2002, 2005 and 2014, the first prizes for Beijing Science and Technology Award (natural science) twice and the second prize for the Chinese Academy of Sciences Award for Natural Science, the first National Innovation Competition Award in 2017, and the He Liang He Li Award for Scientific and Technological Progress in 2017. He has twice served as chairman of the session of Pan Pacific Conference on Chemistry, and as chairman of Asian Nano Conference in 2018, etc. He is committed to research into the orientation of carbon based and carbon rich molecular materials, self-organized growth and self-assembly methodology of multi-dimensional, large-size aggregated structure and heterostructure, and into their applications in energy, catalysis, optoelectronics and other fields.

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