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ZHENG Yudong

Professor at Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Main Building, Room 417


From 1993 to 2004, I worked in Institute of Functional Material, South China University of Technology, majoring in research on biomedical polymer and composite materials, tissue engineering scaffold materials and cartilage repair. I undertook and participated in several projects such as Natural Science Foundation of China, Science-Technology Project of Guangdong Province and National High-Tech Research and Development Project, mainly on the preparation and modification of PHBV hydrogel materials as well as tissue engineered cartilage culture. The related research results were published in academic journals of biological materials such as JBMR, obtained a number of national invention patents.

Since 2004, I have been working in School of Material Science and Engineering, University of Science and Technology Beijing. I built Research Center of Biomedical Materials, mainly carrying out research on preparation and characterization of biomedical hydrogel implant materials, biocompatible conductive hydrogels and nanocomposite biomaterials, as well as their applications in biomedical field and tissue regeneration, such as skin, cartilage and neural restoration. In 2011 and 2013, I went to Britain for exchange visits and cooperation of the international projects. I am also communicating with various internal and global groups on biomaterial and medicine. As project leader, I directed and completed five projects from Natural Science Foundation of China and The Royal Society-NSFC international joint project grant. I undertook and completed several projects from National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), National High-Tech Research and Development Project (863 Program), The National Science and Technology Support Project of China, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Plan Projects and Industrial Development Projects. A series of research achievements have been achieved on composite biomaterials, nanocomposite hydrogels, modification of nano bacterial cellulose, as well as their applications on regeneration of skin, cartilage and nerve, winning the scientific research national and provincial-level incentives awards. I have published many papers in Biomaterials, Acta biomaterials, J of Materials chemistry, J Control release, Biomedical Materials, Tissue Engineering and many other top journals of biomaterials. 17 national invention patents have been obtained. Among which the modified nano bacterial cellulose multifunctional wound dressing and microcapsule for self-repair of composites have been successfully transformed to industrial development.  One of the products obtained national registration certificates of medical apparatus and instruments. I have guided more than 30 PhD students and graduate students on the field of biological materials. The biological composite research projects and achievements conducted by undergraduates and graduate students who I guided have won incentives of scientific and technical innovation competition at national and provincial levels several times.

At present, I am council member of Chinese Society of Biomaterials, the fifth committee member of Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering-Biological Material Branch, council member of Chinese Society for Composite Materials, member of International Society for Biomaterial and so on. In addition, I have acted as symposium chair and given special invited reports for the branches on the international conferences on biomaterials, such as Chinese Society of Biomedical Engineering-Biological Material Branch National Congress, Chinese Society for Multiple Materials-Biological Material Branch Conference, International Conference on Composite Materials, Conference on Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, and other domestic and international academic meetings for many times.

Research Interests

1.Graft or link of bioactive molecule to biopolymer, or fabrication and modification of nature and synthetic biodegradable and biological polymer used for tissue engineering scaffold, drug release carrier ; 

2.Preparation and Self-assembly of bioactive hydrogels and namo-hybrid conductive hydrogels made from nature bioactive micromolecules ,hydrophilic polymer, compound with nano carbon,nano bioactive particles,nano-silver, et,al, used for bone/ cartilage/ Skin/nerve regeneration and repair.

3.The interaction of biomaterial  to cell, , DNA with physical and chemical changes  in physiological condition;

4.Exploration, characterization of the response of protein, cell and tissue to intelligent composite hydrogels, with biologic signal change including PH value, temperature, electrical signal and biomechanical envionment et al; 

5.Biocompatible electrichemical active biocomposites used for implantable battery.

Active Research Projects

1.Natural Science Foundation of China, Laminated Mesoporous Conductive Gel Multi-selective Redox System and Energy Conversion Device Prototype(No 51473019), 2015-2018, (Project Leader) 

2.Natural Science Foundation of China, The Force-Electric Coupling of Ordered Array Nano-Hydrogel Driving by the Alternating Field and Used for Cell Regulation(No 51273021),2012-2015,(Project Leader )

3.Natural Science Foundation of China, Oriented Structure of Continnuous Phase Conductive Hydrogels and their Bioelectricity Respond (No51073024), 2011-2013(Project Leader)

4.Natural Science Foundation of China, Preparation, Characteristic and Deformation Mechanism of Biofunctional Auxetic Hydrogels(No51073024)  2008-2010 (Project  Leader)

5.The National Science and Technology Support Project of China(Grant No. 2011BAK15B04). The biological safety evaluation for Carbon nano materials   2011-2015 (Subproject Leader)

6.The National Science and Technology Support Project of China, Biological Evaluationand the technical specification of Contraception intrauterine device 2006-2009(Subproject Leader)

7.The Royal Society-NSFC international joint project grant (No. 5111130207),The self-assemblage of tropism structural conductive nanofibre/hydrogels and the response to bio-electricity 2011-2013年(Project Leader )

8.Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Plan Projects (No. Z111103066611005), Research and Development of  Nano Bacterial Cellulose mulfunctional Wound Dressing 2011-2012 (Project  Leader)

9.Pre-Research Project of Astronautics Ministry,Preparation of Biolayer Microcapsule for Self-repair of Composites, 2010-2012(Project Leader)

10.Pre-Research Project of Astronautics Ministry, Controlled Release Microcapsule Curing Agent and Curing Properties Measurement 2013-1015 (Project Leader)

11.Industrial Development Projects,Research and Measurement of Bio-base Materials for Biomedical Application ,2014-2015 (Project Leader)

12.Industrial Development Projects, Skin Repair Materials Based on Functional nano-cellulose ,2013-2015 (Project Leader)

13.Industrial Development Projects, Artificial Tissue Engineering Meniscus ,2010-2013 (Project Leader)

14.Industrial Development Projects,  TheSurface Modification and Development of long-action antibacterial Stainness Steel,2009-2012 (Project Leader)

15.Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province,The Synthetic,Structure and Properties of Micrpbial Polyester, 1995-1997 (Project Leader)

16.Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, The synthetic of Polyhydroxyalkylesters by Activated sludge process methods , 1997-1999 (Project Leader)

17.“十五”Major Science and Technology Project, Compound Polyhydroxyalkylesters/sol-gel Bioglass Bone and Cartilage Tissue Engineering, 2000-2003 (Project Leader)

18.High-Tech Development Project of China, Bioactive artificial Bone Materials for Bone Repair, 2000-2005 (Participants)

Published Research (English Only)

1.pH-and electro-response characteristics of bacterial cellulose nanofiber/sodium alginate hybrid hydrogels for dual controlled drug delivery;Shi X, Zheng Y, Wang G, Lin Q, Fan J;RSC Advances, 2014.9 4(87): 47056-47065.(IF:3.708)

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