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ZENG Yan Ping

Professor at Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Main Building, Room 308

Published Research (English only)

[1]Xiaohui Bian, Yanping Zeng, Di Nan, Meng Wu. The effect of copper precipitates on the recrystallization textures and magnetic properties of non-oriented electrical steels. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 2014, 588: 108–113. (JCR分区:1 区) 

[2]Yanping Zeng, Lizhong Kou, Xishan Xie. Influence of thermal exposure on the precipitates and mechanical properties of a newly developed Ni–21Cr–17Mo alloy. Materials Science & Engineering A, 2013, 560: 611–617. (JCR分区:2 区) 

[3]Yan-Ping Zeng, Hong-Mei Fan, Xi-Shan Xie. Effects of the shape and size of rectangular inclusions on the fatigue cracking behavior of ultra-high strength steels. International Journal of Minerals, Metallurgy and Materials, 2013, 20(4): 360-364. (JCR分区:3 区)

[4]Yanping Zeng, Guoquan Liu, Hao Wang, Peng Huang. Construction and implementation of the research-based teaching mode for the curriculum "Metal Materials and Heat Treatment", Advances in Education Research, 2013, 29: 7-10.