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HE Wanli

Lecturer at Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry


Fushi Building, Room 605

Available to act as adviser for international graduate student: Yes


Dr. He WanLi is the Lecturer of the school of Materials Science and Engineering, and a researcher of the Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry at USTB. He holds a B. Eng. in Ligneous Material Science and Technology from Beijing Forestry University, and a Ph.D. in Materials Physics and Chemistry from the University of Science and Technology Beijing.

Research Interests

-Liquid crystal materials, Liquid crystal nanometer composite, Self-assembly materials, Flat panel display material

-Light responsive liquid crystal material, Magnetic responsive liquid crystal material, Temperature sensitive liquid crystal material, Electric field sensitive liquid crystal material

-Energy-saving Materials, liquid crystal photonic devices, Dye-sensitized Solar Cells, Near infrared dyes, Nonlinear optical liquid crystal material

-Liquid crystalline polymer materials, Polymer dispersed liquid crystal materials, Polymer stabilized mesogenic phase materials

Active Research Projects

Title: “Preparation and properties of nano-particle /polymer/blue phase liquid crystal display composites”

-Optimizing the molecular structure as well as the liquid crystal matrix material with wide blue phase range.

-Exploring the responsive blue phase liquid crystal composite by doping magnetic response, light response and the electrical response of functional inorganic nano-particles.

-Designing experiments to explore the relationship between the electro-optic properties and the doping nano-particles as well as the liquid crystal matrix.

Title: “Preparation and electro-optical properties of the room-temperature hydrogen-bonded blue phase liquid crystal material”

-Facilely optimizing the H-bonded mesogen structure as well as the liquid crystal matrix material with wide blue phase range and well electro-optical response performance.

-Fast screening the analogous blue phase liquid crystal display material with wide blue phase range and well electro-optical response performance. 

Published Research (English Only)

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[2]Wan Li He, Tao Liu, Zhou Yang, Dong Yu Zhao, Wei Huang, Hui  Cao, GuoJie Wang,Huai Yang. Facile synthesis and characterization of novel thermo-chromism cholesteryl-containing hydrogen-bonded liquid crystals. Chinese Chemical Letters, 2009, 20(11): 1303-1306.

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