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XIA Zhiguo

Professor at Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry


Jinwu Building, Room 418

Available to act as adviser for international graduate student: Yes


Professor Zhiguo Xia received his PhD degree (Inorganic Chemistry) from Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) in 2008. Since then he has been working as an assistant and associate Professor in China University of Geosciences, Beijing (CUGB), 2008-2014. After that, he has transferred and been promoted as a full professor in Beijing University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB). He is also a committee member in the Rare Earth Phosphor and Luminescence branch of The Chinese Society of Rare Earths. His research interests covers the inorganic solid state chemistry and spectroscopic study of the rare earth doped luminescence materials. In his research, Zhiguo is very interested in designing of new rare earth phosphors for white‐LED by integrating crystal refinement and powder Rietveld refinement with experiments. In his research, he has developed several series of inorganic phosphors based on the mineral-inspired structural model and solid solution strategy, such as Ca3SiO4Br2:Eu2+, Ca2Al3O6F:Eu2+, (Na,Ca)(Sc,Mg)Si2O6:Eu2+, and so on. He has more than 120 papers on phosphors in international journals including JACS, J. Mater. Chem. C and Inorg. Chem., and has more than 2500 citations.

Research Interests

- Rare earth doped luminescence materials for white LEDs illumination and display, long lasting phosphorescence, temperature sensor, and so on.

- Quantum dots including the synthesis methodology, structural design principle and the application.

- Inorganic solid state chemistry of the functional materials, especially the crystal structure design, refinement and structure-property correlation study.

Active Research Projects (English only)

Title 1. “Modification of the crystal structure and luminescence properties of ABSiO4-based orthosilicates phosphors”

Title 2. “Construction of the new phosphor host via the polyhedral unit structure and the effect on the luminescence properties”

Published Research (English Only)

1.Zhiguo Xia*, Chonggeng Ma*, Maxim S. Molokeev, Quanlin Liu, Karl Rickert, Kenneth R. Poeppelmeier*, Chemical Unit Cosubstitution and Tuning of Photoluminescence in the Ca2(Al1−xMgx)(Al1−xSi1+x)O7:Eu2+ Phosphor, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2015, 137, 12494-12497.

2.Jun Zhou, Zhiguo Xia*,  Mingyue Chen, Maxim S. Molokeev, Quanlin Liu, New Insight into Phase Formation of MxMg2Al4+xSi5-xO18:Eu2+ Solid Solution Phosphors and Its Luminescence Properties, Scientific Report, 2015, 5, 12149-12149-8.

3.Zhiguo Xia*, Maxim S. Molokeev,Won Bin Im, Sanjith Unithrattil, Quanlin Liu,Crystal structure and photoluminescence evolution of La5(Si2+xB1–x)(O13–xNx):Ce3+ solid-solution phosphors, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2015, 119, 9488–9495.

4.Zhiguo Xia*, Shihai Miao, Mingyue Chen, Maxim S. Molokeev, Quanlin Liu, Structure, crystallographic Sites and Tunable Luminescence Properties of Eu2+ and Ce3+/Li+-activated Ca1.65Sr0.35SiO4 Phosphor, Inorganic Chemistry, 2015,54, 7684-7691. (Cover paper)

5.Mingyue Chen, Zhiguo Xia*, Maxim Molokeev, Quanlin Liu, Structural Phase Transformation and Luminescent Properties of Ca2-xSrxSiO4:Ce3+ Orthosilicate Phosphors, Inorganic Chemistry, 2015, 54, 11369–11376.