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GE Changchun

Professor at Department of Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials 


Main Building, Room 419

Published Research (English only)

1.Ge C C, Xia Y L, Henig E T H, Effects on Some Sintering Parameters and Vacuum Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties and Fracture Mode of Heavy Alloy 90W7Ni3Fe,  P/M-82  in  Europe,  International  Powder  Metallurgy  Conference. 1982: 709-714.  (第一作者) 

2.Ge  CC,  Xia  YL,  Post-Sintering  of  Reaction-Bonded  Si3N4(RBSN)  Containing Non-Toxic,Non-Oxide Additives, Proc.1986Int..Conf.P/M,P.1163-1166,Dusseldorf. (第一作者) 

3.C.C.Ge,  Y.L.Xia,  L.M.Chen,  Enhancing  Thermo-Mechanical  Properties  of  Si3N4 with Non-oxide Additive, Modern Developments in Powder Metallurgy V.21, MPI and APMI (Princeton, New Jersey, U.S.A.), 1988.  (第一作者) 

4.Ge  C  C,  Liu  W  S,  Xia  Y  L,  et  al.  ,Oxidation  Behaviour  of  Si3N4-ZrN-AlN Ceramics[J]. Key Engineering Materials, 1993, 89: 307-312.  (第一作者) 6.Changchun  GE,  Wensan  LIU,  Yuanluo  XIA,  Limin  CHEN,  Emergence  of  ZrO Phase    and    Catastrophic    Failure    of    Si3N4-AlN-ZrN    Ceramics,    Proc.5th Int.Symp.Ceramic Materials and Components for Engines,1994, edited by D.S.Yan, X.R.Fu, S.X.Shi, World Scientific Publishing Co.(第一作者) 

5.GeC C, Li J T, Xia Y L., On the Mechanism of Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis   (SHS)   of    Si3N4[J].   INTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL    OF   SELF PROPAGATING HIGH TEMPERATURE SYNTHESIS, 1996, 5: 107-118. (第一作者) 

6.Chang-Chun GE, Li-Min CHEN, Wen-Shan LIU, Tie-Jun Zhang and Yuan-Luo Xia, New-developed  Si3N4-based  Ceramic  Cutting  Tools  with  Non-oxide  Sintering Additives, 14th Int. Plansee Seminar,1997,V.2,HM32,P.332-337.  (第一作者) 

7.Ge C C, Li J T, Cao Y G, Thermodynamics and combustion Synthesis of Si-TiC-N and Si-TiO2-N[J]. Zeitschrift für Metallkunde, 1998, 89(2): 149-152. (第一作者) 

8.Ge CC, Li JT, Shen WP, Cao WB,Chen LM, Xia YL, The First China-Made HIP Apparatus  (2000℃,  200MPa)  and  its  Applications,  Proc.Int.Conf.  Hot  Isostatic Pressing, 1999, Beijing.  (第一作者)12.Ge  C  C,  Shen  W  P,  Li  J  T,  et  al.,  FGM  Research  in  LSCPM  of  China[J]. CERAMIC TRANSACTIONS, 2000, 114: 307-314.  (第一作者) 

9.Ge  C  C,  Li  J  T,  Zhou  Z  J,  et  al.  Development  of  Functionally  Graded Plasma-Facing  Materials[J].  Journal  of  nuclear  materials,  2000,  283:  1116-1120. (第一作者) 

10.GE CC,Wu AH,Cao WB,Li JT, A new SiC/C Bulk FGM for Fusion Technology, 15th Int. Plansee Seminar,2001,v.3,P.16-25.  (第一作者) 

11.Chang-Chun G, Jiang-Tao L, Wen-Bin C, et al. ,SHS Composites-A New Emerging Family of Advanced Composites[J],15th Int. Plansee Seminar,2001,V.3,GT6,P.16-25. (第一作者) 

12.Ge C C, Wu A H, Ling Y H, et al. ,New Progress of Ceramic-Based Functionally Graded  Plasma-Facing  Materials  in  China[C]//Key  Engineering  Materials.  2002, 224: 459-464.  (第一作者) 

13.Ge C C, Zhou Z J, Ling Y H, New Progress of Metal-Based Functionally Graded Plasma-Facing Materials in China[C]// Materials Science Forum. 2003:11-16. (第一作者) 

14.Ge  C  C,  Shen  W  P,  Wang  F,  Development  of  SHS-Si3N4  in  LSCPM[J].  Key Engineering Materials, 2004, 280-283:1191-1196.  (第一作者) 

15.Yan  Q  Z,  Zhang  W  F,  Lu  G  D,  Su  X  T,  Ge  C  C,  Frontal  Copolymerization Synthesis  and  Property  Characterization  of  Starch‐graft‐poly  (acrylic  acid) Hydrogels[J]. Chemistry-A European Journal, 2005, 11(22): 6609-6615.  (通讯作者) 

16.Su X T, Yan Q Z, Ma X H, Zhang W F, Ge C C, Effect of    Co-dopant Addition on the Properties of Yttrium and Neodymium Doped Barium Cerate Electrolyte[J]. Solid State Ionics, 2006, 177(11): 1041-1045.(通讯作者) 

17.Ge C C, Song S X, Zhou Z J, et al., Research on Recent Processing Technologies for  Functionally  Graded  Materials  in  China[C]//  Multiscale  and  Functionally Graded Materials 2006. Multiscale and Functionally Graded Materials 2006, 2008. (第一作者) 

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19.L Bai, X Mao, W Shen, C Ge, Comparative Study of β-Si 3 N 4 Powders Prepared by  SHS  Sintered  by  Spark  Plasma  Sintering  and  Hot  Pressing[J].  Journal  of University  of  Science  and  Technology  Beijing,  Mineral,  Metallurgy,  Material, 2007, 14(3): 271-275.  (通讯作者) 

20.Ge  C  C,  Zhou  Z  J,  Song  S  X,  et  al.  ,Progress  of  Research  on  Plasma  Facing Materials in University of Science and Technology Beijing[J]. Journal of Nuclear Materials, 2007, 363: 1211-1215.  (第一作者) 

21.Ge C C, Zhou Z J, Shen W P, et al. ,Status of R&D on Fusion Materials in Institute of  Nuclear  Materials  in  USTB[J].  Fusion  Engineering  &  Design,  2010,  85(s 7–9):1080-1084.  (第一作者) 

22.Ge  C,  Zhang  Y,  Xu  Y,  et  al.,  Progress  of  Research  on  P/M  and  Spray‐Formed Superalloy in ISCPM, USTB[J]. Superalloys 2012, 2012: 557-562.  (第一作者) 

23.M  Xia, S  Yang,  H  Guo,  W  Hao,  Q  Yan,  C  Ge,  Observation  of  Intermediate Template Directed SiC Nanowire Growth in Si-C-N Systems[J]. Nanotechnology, 2012, 23(41):415704-415707(4).  (通讯作者)