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Professor at Department of Inorganic Nonmetallic Materials


Main building 419

Available to act as adviser for international graduate student: Yes



2007.9- 2013.11 Ph.D. in Materials Science (Supervisor: Professor, Changchun GE, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Institute of Nuclear Materials, University of Science and Technology (USTB), Beijing, CHINA.

Institute of Powder Metallurgy and Advanced Ceramics, Southwest Jiaotong University, Chengdu, CHINA

Work Experience:

2013.11- Lecturer, Institute of Nuclear Materials, University of Science and Technology, Beijing, CHINA.

Research Experience:

Research on the preparation of one-dimensional fusion materials and its application in the improvement of strength and toughness (doctoral thesis); and helium ion implantation work; The main contents include: (1) Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of S3N4 particles and whiskers, SiC particles and whiskers, TiC nanoparticles and whiskers; (2) Synthesis of nano carbon with hollow structures (nanotube, nano-onions); (3) Wet Chemical Synthesis tungsten nanoparticles and nanowires; (4) Preparation whiskers or nanowires (SiC, TiC, CNT, W) reinforcedbulk materials (SiC, S3N4, Al2O3, W, etc.) by different sintering processes (hot-press sintering, gas-pressure sintering, SPS sintering, Ultra-high pressure resistance sintering, etc.; (5) Be familiar with different characterization processes, such as XRD、SEM、TEM、STEM、SEM-FIB、AFM、Raman、PL、Field emission, (especially, can operate SEM, TEM independently); (6) Be familiar with the thermodynamic calculation, nano-mechanical testing, etc. In the case of helium ion implantation work, the work includes: (1) helium implantation in tungsten; (2) sample preparation by FIB; (3) and the implanted sample characterized by TEM, HRTEM, EELS, HADDF. etc.

Research Interests

I am interested in the synthesis of low-D nanomaterials and its application in bulk materials; Fabricating bulk ceramic materials by different sintering technology; Characterization of nanomaterials and irradiated bulk materials by different processes

1.Powder metallurgy, powder fabrication (metal and inorganic), sintering, and hot working;

2.Materials characterization, especially microstructure characterization;

3.Mesoporous nanocarbon, hollow nanocarbon and its application research in energy, environmental, human fields.

4.Nano materials

Oral Presentations in Academic International Conferences

1. Min Xia, Changchun Ge, Hongyan Guo. Self-propagating high temperature-synthesis and Characterization of Single-Crystalline β-silicon nitride nanowires. XI International Symposium on Self-Propagating High-Temperature Synthesis,September 2011, Greece.

2. Min XIA, Hong-Yan GUO, Yong DAI, Qing-Zhi YAN, Li-Ping GUO, Chang-Chun GE. Observation of solid helium bubbles in helium-implanted W, 16th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials (ICFRM16), October 2013, China

Organizing International Conferences

1. Organized the 2nd Sino-Russian Workshop on SHS, 2011, Beijing

2. As one of the organizers, organized the16th International Conference on Fusion Reactor Materials.

Published Research (English Only)

1. Min Xia, Shize Yang, Hongyan Guo, Qingzhi Yan and Changchun Ge. Observation of an intermediate template directed SiC nanowires growth in Si-C-N system, Nanotechnology, 41, 415704, 2012. 

2. Min Xia, Qingzhi Yan, Lei Xu, Lingxu Zhu, Hongyan Guo, Changchun Ge. Synthesis of TiC/W core–shell nanoparticles by precipitate-coating process, Journal of Nuclear Materials 430, 2012, 216–220. 

3. Min Xia, Changchun Ge. Morphological control of tungsten-assisted β-Si3N4 nanowhiskers: Synthesis, mechanical and photoluminescence properties. Chemical Physics Letters. 525-526, 2012, 92-96. 

4. Min Xia, Ge CC, Yan QZ, Guo HY, Yue LN. Ti-assisted β-SiC nanowhiskers by pyrolysis of PTFE: synthesis and mechanical properties. Appl Phys A 2012; DOI: 10.1007/s00339-012-6922-6.

5. Min Xia, Changchun Ge, Hongyan Guo. Aligned Single-Crystalline β-Si3N4 Whiskers Prepared with SHS Process. Advanced Engineering Materials. (2012), DOI: 10.1002/adem.201100214) 

6. Min Xia, Qing-Zhi Yan, Xu lei, Guo HY, Ling xu Zhu, Changchun Ge. Bulk tungsten with uniformly dispersed La2O3 nanoparticles sintered from co-precipitated La2O3/W nanoparticles, Journal of Nuclear Materials, 434 (2013) 85–89 

7. Xu lei, Qing-Zhi Yan, Min Xia, Ling xu Zhu. Preparation of La2O3 doped ultra-fine W powders by hydrothermal-hydrogen reduction process. International Journal of Refractory Metals and Hard materials, 36 (2013) 238-242 

8. Chao-Sheng Zheng, Qing-Zhi Yan, Min Xia, Chang-Chun Ge. In situ preparation of SiC/Si3N4-NW composite powders by combustion synthesis, Ceram. Int. (2011),


9. Chao-Sheng Zheng, Qing-Zhi Yan, Min Xia, Combustion synthesis of SiC/Si3N4-NW composite