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YE Rongchang

Professor at Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Main Building, Room 306

Available to act as adviser for international graduate student: Yes


Dr. Rongchang Ye is the Associate Professor of Material Science and Engineering, and the Vice Dean of Material Science Department at USTB. He holds his Ph.D. in Machine Design and Theory in 2001 and his M.S. in Mining Mechanical Engineering in 1998 and B.S. in Hot Working Technology and Equipment in 1995 from China University of Mining and Technology. He worked as Visiting Scholar in University of Texas at Arlington in 2006. His current research involves design and fabrication of magnetic functional materials. He teaches several undergraduate courses, including Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Introduction to Materials, Fundamentals of Solid State Physics etc.

Research Interests

- Design and fabrication of magnetic regenerator  materials

- Fundamental researches of magnetic refrigerant materials for room temperature applications

- Soft magnetic noncrystalline and nanocrystalline materials

Active Research Projects

Title: “Preparation of magnetic regenerator  materials for very low temperature applications”

- Explore magnetic regenerator  materials for applications in liquid helium temperature range. Investigate fabrication of spherical powders and the influencing factors that related.

Title: “The technology of separating spherical powders from  non-spherical powders”

- Explore the way and design devices to separate spherical powders from  non-spherical powders to meet the requirement of spherical powders in special applications.

Published Research (English Only)

1)Song Sun,Rongchang Ye, Yi Long,Influence of the substitution of Ni for Fe on the microstructure evolution and magnetic phase transition in La(Fe1-xNix)11.5Si1.5 compounds. Material Science and Engineering B,2013,178(1),60~64 

2)Song Sun,Rongchang Ye,Huaifeng Li,Yanpo Zhang,Yuanhang Jia,Yunfei Wu,Yi Long,Effect of Mn substitution on microstructure evolution and magnetic phase transition in La(Fe1-xMnx)10.8Co0.7Si1.5 compounds,Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A,2013,Vol.44A,5782-5787

3)Zhang Min,Ye Rongchang,Long Yi ,Chang Yongqin,Inhibition of La-Fe-Co-Si compound corrosion in distilled water by sodium molybdate and disodium hydrogen phosphate,Journal of Rare Earths,2011,29(2), 138-142