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MAO Weimin

Professor at Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Main Building, Room 223


Prof. Dr Weimin MAO; graduated in Northeastern Polytechnical University, obtained his master degrees in Beijing University of Iron and Steel Technology, and obtained his Ph.D in Aachen university of Technology in Germany in 1988. 

Research Interests

1.Advanced material technology

2.Deformation and recrystallization of metal materials

3.Anisotropy in materials and related materials science and technology

Active Research Projects

1.National Nature Science Foundation of China, Intergranular stresses during deformation of polycrystalline metals and their influence on rolling texture formation, 2016-2019

2.National High-Tech research and development projects (863-projects), Development of transformer-used high silicon steels with ultra-low core loss; 2012-2015

Published Research (English Only)

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[2]W. Mao, W. Guo, and Y. Li. Growth Process of Goss Grains during Secondary Recrystallization of Grain-oriented Electrical Steels steel research int. 2010, 81(12): 1117-1120

[3]W. Mao, Z. An, W. Guo, P. Yang. Influence of Temperature Evolution on Precipitation Behaviour of Second Phase Particles in Grain-oriented Electrical Steels steel research int. 2010, 81(6): 477-481

[4]W. Mao, P. Yang. Influence of structure transition on plastic behaviors of iron based ordered alloys. SCIENCE CHINA. Technological Sciences. 2012, 55(8): 1-6. 

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