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DU Zhenmin

Professor at Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Main Building, Room 215


Professor Zhenmin Du received his B.E. and M.E. in metal materials and heat treatment from Beijing University of Iron and Steel Technology in July 1983 and 1986. His recent research interest is computational material thermodynamics, advanced materials design, and MGI. He has published over 160 refereed journal papers. He is the vice-editor of Calphad.

Research Interests

- Computational material thermodynamics

- Advanced material design

- Materials Genome Initiative(MGI)

Active Research Projects

Titles “Multiscale  design and manufacturing of high strength and high toughness steel and Magnesium-based alloys”

Titles ”Study of phase relations and stability for Ti-V based hydrogen storage alloys”

Published Research (English Only)

1. C. Guo, L. Huang, C. Li, S. Shang, Z. Du, Thermodynamic modeling of the Pt-Te and Pt-Sb-Te systems, J. Electronic Materials, 44 (2015) 2638-2650.

2. Jiaxin Cui, Cuiping Guo, Lei Zou, Changrong Li, Zhenmin Du,Experimental investigation and thermodynamic modeling of the Se-Sn-Te system, Journal of Alloys and Compounds,642(9) (2015) 153-165.

3. C. Guo, C. Li, Z. Du, Thermodynamic re-modeling of Sb-Te system using associate and ion model for liquid, J. Electronic Materials, 43 (2014) 4082-4089.