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KANG Yonglin

Professor at Department of Materials Processing and Control Engineering


Main Building, Room 205

Published Research (English Only)

[1]  Y.L.Kang,Y.Xu and Z.H.Wang,Study on Microstructures and mechanical Properties of Rheo-Die Casting Semi-Solid A356 Aluminum Alloy,Semi-Solid Processing of Alloys and Composites,Vol.116-117,2006-9,453-456 

[2] Yong-lin Kang,Qi-hang Han,Xian-meng Zhao,Ming-hui Cai,Influence of nanoparticle reinforcements on the strengthening mechanisms of an ultrafine - grained dual phase steel containing titanium,Materials and Design 44 (2013) 331–339 

[3] Qihang Han,Yonglin Kang, Peter D.Hodgsonb and NicoleStanford,Quantitative measurement of strain partitioning and slip systems in a dual-phase steel,Scripta Materialia 69 (2013) 13–16

[4] Qihang Han, Yonglin Kang, Xianmeng Zhao, Nicole Stanford, Minghui Cai, Suppression of Ms temperature by carbon partitioning from carbon-supersaturated ferrite to metastable austenite during intercritical annealing, Materials and Design, 51, (2013) 409–414.

[5] Shengci Li, Yonglin Kang, ShuangKuang, Effects of microstructure on fatigue crack growth behavior in cold-rolled dual phase steels, Materials Science & Engineering, A612(2014)153–161.

[6] Bing Zhou, Yonglin Kang, Mingfan Qi, Huanhuan Zhang and Guoming Zhu,R-HPDC Process with Forced Convection Mixing Device for Automotive Part of A380 Aluminum Alloy,Materials,2014, 7, 3084-3105

[7] Yonglin Kang, Kelu Wang, Hao Yu, Jie Fu, Delu Liu, Zhongbing Wang, Xuewen Chen, Microstructure evolution and precipitation behavior of low carbon steel hot strips produced by CSP, Journal of university of science and technology Beijing , Vol.11,No.4,2004.8,364~367.