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SUN Jianlin

Professor at Department of Materials Processing and Control Engineering


Main Building, Room 415

Published Research (English only)

6.     Sang Xiong, Jianlin Sun. QSPR Models for the prediction of friction coefficient and maximum non-seizure load to Lubricants [J]. Tribology letter, 2015, 60:13 (WOS:000363051300014, ISSN: 1023-8883,SCI IF=1.739, 2015-10)

7.     Sang Xiong, Jianlin Sun. Tribological performance and wear mechanism of compound containing S, P and B as EP/AW additives in copper foil oil[J]. Tribology transactions, 2015, 8, online(SCI IF=1.349)(DOI: 10.1080/10402004.2015.1083066)

8.     Sang Xiong, Jianlin Sun. Effect of lubricants and annealing treatment on the electrical conductivity and microstructure of rolled copper foil [J]. Journal of Electronic materials, 2015,Volume 44, Issue 7, Page 2432-2439. (INSPEC:15368006 ISSN:0361-5235 SCI IF=1.798, 2015-07)

9.     Sun, Jianlin, Li, Yan, Xu, Pengfei,Zhu, Zuoxin. Study on the lubricating performance of nano-TiO2 in water-based cold rolling fluid.[C]. Association for Iron and Steel Technology, 2015,3(3): 3988-3992.(EI: 20153501224151)

10.    Nana liu, Jianlin Sun, Lei Xia and Zuoxin Zhu. Research of lubrication model and surface quality in cold-rolling copper alloy using O/W emulsions. Rare Metal Materials and Engineering, Volume 44, Issue 8, August 2015, Pages 1845–1850 (WOS: 000362305600005, SCI,2015).

11.    Yan Li, Jianlin Sun, Jingyue Chen. Analysis on white stripe defects of non-oriented silicon steel rolled surface with emulsion [J]. Metallurgical Research & Technology, 2015,112:507-515. ( WOS:000363790700007, SCI,2015)

12.    Jianlin Sun, Meirong Yi, Qiao Sun, Mingyu Lu. Experimental investigation of the relationship between lubricants' tribological properties and their lubricating performances in cold rolling, Journal of Tribology,2014, 136(3), 034502. (SCI: 20141417539094)

13.    Sun Jianlin, Nana liu, Lei Xia and Di Wu. Research of oil film thickness model and surface quality in cold-rolling copper foil, Lubrication Science, 2014, 26(2):95-106(SCI:20140917367678)

14.    Jianlin Sun, Huang Ying ,Mingyu Lu. Optimize aluminum’s surface roughness in rolling lubrication process [J]. Industrial Lubrication and Tribology, 2013,65(3):175~180. (SCI: 20133116546382)