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WANG Kaikun

Professor at Department of Materials Processing and Control Engineering


Available to act as adviser for international graduate student: No


Prof. Dr.-Ing Kai-kun WANG got his Bachelor and Master degree in Dept. of Metal Forming at Hefei Univ. of Technology. He did his PhD work in Dept. of Metal Forming at RWTH-Aachen Univ. in Germany. During 2006-2008 he did post-doctor work in Tsinghua Univ. He has put forward many innovative technologies in the area of semi-solid forming, e.g. Thixo-joining, multi-layer tube thixo-co-extrusion, thixo-forming of electronic package shell with composites, flexible-thixo-extrusion, etc.He has published more than 100 scientific papers and got 12 authorized patents in areas of forging, extrusion, stamping with metal alloys and composites. He is now the Chair of Expert Committee of Non-ferrous and Composites Engineering Center of Gansu Province, consulting expert of CIECC, member of semi-solid forming scientific committee in China, member of plastic forming committee in Germany.

Research Interests

1.Preparation and Processing of metal alloys and composites, including Aluminum and Magnesium alloys, Composites of SiC/Al and C/Cu,etc. 

2.Metal forming of alloys and composites, including semi-solid forming, forging, extrusion, rolling, stamping. 

3.Micro-forming and Numerical Simulation.

Published Research (English only)

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