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ZHU Guoming

Professor at Department of Materials Processing and Control Engineering


Main Building, Room 235

Published Research (English only)

[1]     Guoming Zhu, Yonglin Kang, Chao Lu, and Shengci Li. Microstructure Evolution of Cold‐Rolled Dual Phase Steel Simulated by Cellular Automata. Steel Research International, 2014,85(6):1035-1046.

[2]     Zhu Guoming, Lv Chao, Kang Yonglin. A Quantitative Study of Precipitation Evolution during Annealing Treatments of a Ti-IF Steel. International Academic Conference on Machinery, Materials Science and Engineering Applications, 2011.7.15-16, Advanced Materials Research, 228-229 :1156-1162,WuHan, 2011. 

[3]     Zhu Guoming*, Lv Chao, Kang Yonglin. Three Dimensional Prediction of Microstructure Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Hot Strips. International Conference on Advanced Engineering Materials and Technology, 2011.7.29-31, Advanced Materials Research, 291-294:455-464, Sanya, 2011. 

[4]     Zhu Guoming*, Kang Yonglin, Ma Guangting. Simulation of Residual Stress in Hot Rolled Large Size H-beams. 6th International Conference on Physical and Numerical Simulation of Materials Processing, 2010.11.16-19, Materials Science Forum, 704-705:1370-1378, Guilin, 2012.