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WANG Haicheng

Professor at Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry


Jinwu Building, Room 404


Dr. Haicheng WANG is the associate Professor of the Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry at USTB. He holds an AB. in Advanced Functional Materials from the Hebei University of Technology, and a Ph.D. in Materials Physics and Chemistry from USTB. He has been a visiting scholar to Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)/University of California Berkeley (UCB) supported by China Scholarship Council (CSC) for one year (August 2014-August 2015).

Research Interests

-Magnetic nanoparticles, multifunctional nanocomposites .

-Magnetic thin films, and development of advanced magnetic sensors..

-Materials microstructure characterization (TEM, synchrotron radiation).

-Metal surface treatment (plasma coating, electroless plating, et al)

Active Research Projects

Title: “Synthesis of magnetic nanoparticles/conductive polymer composites and microwave absorbing properties” 

-Exploring the synthesis of nanocomposites by combining magnetic nanoparticles and conductive polymers. 

-Designing experiments to explore the relationship between synthesis parameters and the microwave absorbing property of the nanocomposites, and illustrate the reflection loss mechanism-magnetic loss and dielectric loss- to electromagnetic wave, so as to achieve tunable absorbing properties.

Published Research (English only)

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