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Associte Professor at Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry


Materials and Testing Center, Room 308

Available to act as adviser for international graduate student: Yes


1999.09-2003.07    USTB*, Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry, Bachelor;

2003.09-2009.01    USTB, Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry, Doctor;

2009.07-2011.09    USTB, Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry, Lecturer;

2011.10-2012.06    University of Houston, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Post Doctor;

2012.07- Now       USTB, Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry, Associate Professor;

2015.09-2016.03    Aberystwyth University, Department of Physics, Academic visitor.

Research Interests

(1)Ultrahigh density Information storage material (such as FePt, Co based alloy, CoPt): 

Functionalization design, Characterization & Property tunability

(2)High performance permanent alloy materials (such as SmCo, FeN): 

Fabrication, property manipulation, and applications

(3)Spintronic materials and magnetic sensors: 

Interfacial modification, magnetic/transport properties in Co or Fe based multilayers for AMR, GMR or Hall sensors.

(4)Elastic Strain Engineering in magnetic materials: 

Modulation of electric/magnetic performance by interfacial strain control

Active Research Projects (English Only)

1. Beijing Nova program: Z141103001814039 (July 2014—June 2017)

2. Beijing Higher Education Young Elite Teacher Project: YETP0358 (Jan. 2013—Dec. 2015)

3. NSFC: 51471028 (Jan. 2015—Dec. 2018); 51271211 (Jan. 2013—Dec. 2016).

4. Beijing Natural science Foundation: 2132021(Jan. 2013—Dec. 2015).

Published Research (English Only)

Publications in recent 5 years(* Corresponding author):


《Magnetic Recording Media Materials with High Magnetocrystalline Anisotropy》, 200,000 words, 2012

B)Academic Paper (Published 43 SCI papers since 2006, with over 170 citation)

(1)Xu-Jing Li, C. Feng*, Xi Chen, et al. ”Effects of interfacial roughness on the planar Hall effectin NiFe/Cu/IrMnmultilayers”, Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing 2015, 118: 505

(2)X. Chen, C. Feng*, Z.L. Wu, et al. “Interfacial oxygen migration and its effect on the magnetic anisotropy in Pt/Co/MgO/Pt film”, Applied Physics Letters, 104: 052413 (2014).

(3)C. Feng*, K. Gong, C.C. Xu, et al. “Synthesis and property tunability of interparticle exchange-decoupled L10-FePt:Au/Fe perpendicular ECC films”, Journal of Alloy & Compound, 590: 289 (2014).

(4)C. Feng*, M.Y. Yang, K. Gong, et al. “Dynamical mechanism for coercivity tunability in the electrically controlled FePt perpendicular films with small grain size”, Journal of Applied Physics, 115: 023906 (2014).

(5)Yi Cao, Li-JinWang, C. Feng*, et al. ”Effects  of a NiFe/MgO interface on the thermoelectric transport behavior of spin-polarized electrons”, Materials Letters, 2014, 137

(6)M.Y. Yang, C. Feng, N. Ji, et al.  “Tuning the lattice and magnetic anisotropy of Fe thin films”, Material Letters, 115: 103 (2014).

(7)C. Feng*, X.J. Li, M.Y. Yang, et al. ”Electromigration induced fast L10 ordering phase transition in perpendicular FePt films”, Applied Physics Letters, 102: 022411 (2013).

(8)C. Feng*, M.Y. Yang, X.J. Li, et al. “Electrical control of fast ordering process in as-deposited FePt films”, Material Letters, 99: 46 (2013).

(9)M.Y. Yang, C. Feng, K. Gong, et al. “Current-Induced Fast-Ordering of L10-FePt Films With Small Grain Size”, IEEE Transaction on Magnetic, 49: 3660 (2013).

(10)C. Feng, S. G. Wang*, M. Y. Yang, et al. “Tunable magnetic properties by interfacial manipulation of L10-FePt perpendicular ultrathin film with island-like structures”, Journal of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology, 12: 1089 (2012).

(11)C. Feng*, N. Li, S. Li, et al. “Manipulation of magnetic exchange interaction in SmCo films with high thermal stability by controlling phase transformation”, Applied Physics A: Materials Science & Processing, 106: 125 (2012).

(12)C. Feng*, H.J. Li, D. Wei, et al. “Micromagnetic analysis of L10-FePt/Au nanocomposite films”, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 44, 245001 (2011).

(13)C. Feng, X.Z. Mei, M.Y. Yang, et al. “Tuning perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and coercivity of L10-FePt nanocomposite film by interfacial manipulation”, Journal of Applied Physics, 109, 063918 (2011).

(14)C. Feng*, E. Zhang, C.C. Xu, et al. “Magnetic properties and microstructure of L10-FePt/AlN perpendicular nanocomposite films”, Journal of Applied Physics, 110, 063910 (2011).

(15)L. Ding, J. Teng, C. Feng*, et al. ”An all-metal material for high-sensitivity geomagnetic sensors with improved magnetic stability by magnetostatic coupling”, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 44: 385001 (2011).