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Associate Professor at Department of Materials Physics and Chemistry


Fushi Building, Room 617

Available to act as adviser for internagional graduate student: Yes


2015-present            Associate Professor             University of Science and Technology Beijing

2013-2015               Assistant Professor             University of Science and Technology Beijing

2007-2012               Ph.D. candidate                 Boston University, Department of Chemistry

2007                    M.S.                            Beijing University of Chemical Technology

2004                    Bachelor                        Beijing University of Chemical Technology

Research Interests

Metal-organic framework, Nanotechnology, Green catalysis

Active Research Projects (English only)

The structure construction of copper-based catalytic material with basic functionality and the study of its three-phase green oxidation catalysis, National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 51503016)

Published Research (English only)

1-          Yi Luan(#),Keith S. Barbato,Philip N. Moquist,Tomohiro Kodama,Scott E. Schaus*,Enantioselective synthesis of 1,2-dihydronaphthalene-1-carbaldehydes by addition of boronates to isochromene acetals catalyzed by tartaric acid,J. Am. Chem. Soc.,2015,137(9):3233-3236。SCI 期刊论文 (IF 12.113)

2-          Yi Luan(#),Scott E. Schaus*,Enantioselective addition of boronates to ortho-quinone methide catalyzed by chiral biphenols,J. Am. Chem. Soc.,2012,134(49):19965-19968。SCI 期刊论文 (IF 12.113)

3-          Yi Luan(#),Yue Qi,Hongyi Gao,Nannan Zheng,Ge Wang*,Synthesis of amino-functionalized metal-organic framework at nanoscale for gold nanoparticle deposition and catalysis,J. Mater. Chem. A,2014,2(48):20588-20596。SCI 期刊论文 (IF 7.443)

4-          Yi Luan(#),Huan Sun,Scott E. Schaus*,Iron-catalyzed rearrangements and cycloaddition reactions of2H-chromenes,Org. Lett.,2011,13(24):6480-6483。SCI 期刊论文

5-          Yi Luan(#),Scott E. Schaus *,Multicomponent mannich reactions using boron enolates derived from diazo esters and 9-BBN,Org. Lett.,2011,13(9):2510-2513。SCI 期刊论文

6-          Yi Luan(#),Jie Yu,Xiaowei Zhang,Scott E. Schaus,Ge Wang*,Diastereoselective three-component synthesis of β-amino carbonyl compounds from diazo compounds, boranes, and acyl imines under catalyst-free conditions,J. Org. Chem.,2014,79(10):4694-4698。SCI 期刊论文

7-          Yi Luan(#),Nannan Zheng,Yue Qi,Jia Tang,Ge Wang*,Merging metal-organic framework catalysis with organocatalysis: Thiourea functionalized heterogeneous catalyst at nanoscale,Catal. Sci. Technol.,2014,4(4):925-929。SCI 期刊论文

8-          Yi Luan*(#)(*),Yue Qi,Jie Yu,Hongyi Gao,Scott E. Schaus,The development of a novel HAuCl4@MOF catalyst and its catalytic application in the formation of dihydrochalcones,RSC Adv.,2014,4(64):34199-34203。SCI 期刊论文

9-          Yi Luan(#),Yue Qi,Zhaokui Jin,Xiong Peng,Hongyi Gao,Ge Wang*,Synthesis of a flower-like Zr-based metal-organic framework and study of its catalytic performance in the Mannich reaction,RSC Adv.,2015,5(-):19273-19278。SCI 期刊论文

10-         Yi Luan*(#)(*),Yue Qi,Hongyi Gao,Qianqian Ma,Scott E. Schaus,Brønsted acid/lewis acid cooperatively catalyzed addition of diazoester to 2H-chromene acetals,Eur. J. Org. Chem.,2014,-(31):6868-6872。SCI 期刊论文

11-         Yi Luan(#),Nannan Zheng,Yue Qi,Jie Yu,Ge Wang*,Development of a SO3H-functionalized UiO-66 metal–organic framework by postsynthetic modification and studies of its catalytic activities,Eur. J. Inorg. Chem.,2014,-(26):4268-4272。SCI 期刊论文

12-         Limin Zhong,Xiaowei Zhang,Yi Luan*(*),Ge Wang*,Yanhui Feng,Daili Feng,Preparation and thermal properties of porous heterogeneous composite phase change materials based on molten salts/expanded graphite,Solar Energy,2014,107(-):63-73。SCI 期刊论文

13-         Jie Yu,Wanchun Guo,Mu Yang,Yi Luan*(*),Jinzhang Tao,Xiaowei Zhang,Synthesis of hierarchical polystyrene/polyaniline@au nanostructures of different surface states and studies of their catalytic properties,Sci. China Chem.,2014,57(9):1211-1217。SCI 期刊论文

14-         Zhaokui Jin,Xiong Peng,Hongyi Gao,Chaohao Peng,Yi Luan*(*),Mechanical and adiabatic properties of silica aerogel doped with TiO2 nanowire,Key Eng. Mater.,2014,-(633):336-339。EI 期刊论文

15-         Yi Luan,Scott E. Schaus,3;3’-Ph2-1;1'-bi-2-naphthol,e-EROS Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, David Crich, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., p -, United States, 2014/10/20      书籍章节

16-         Yi Luan,Scott E. Schaus,Diisopropyl allylboronate chapter,e-EROS Encyclopedia of Reagents for Organic Synthesis, David Crich, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., p --, United States, 2014/10/20      书籍章节

17-         Yue Qi,Yi Luan,Jie Yu,Xiong Peng,Ge Wang*,Nanoscaled copper metal–organic framework (MOF) based on carboxylate ligands as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for aerobic epoxidation of olefins and oxidation of benzylic and allylic alcohols,Chem. Eur. J.,2014,21(4):1589-1597。      期刊论文

18-         Jie Yu,Yi Luan,Yue Qi,Junying Hou,Wenjun Dong,Mu Yang,Ge Wang*,Hierarchical PS/PANI nanostructure supported Cu(II) complexes: Facile synthesis and study of catalytic applications in aerobic oxidation,RSC Adv.,2014,4(98):55028-55035。      期刊论文

19-         Yue Qi,Yi Luan,Mu Yang,Ge Wang*,Li Tan,Jie Li,Alkali concentration-dependent tailoring of highly controllable titanate nanostructures: From yolk-shell; hollow 3D nanospheres to 1D nanowires,Appl. Surf. Sci.,2014,293(-):359-365。      期刊论文

20-         Hongyi Gao,Yi Luan,Kullapat Chaikittikul,Wenjun Dong*,Jie Li,Xiaowei Zhang,Dandan Jia,Mu Yang,Ge Wang*,A facile in situ self-assembly strategy for large-scale fabrication of CHS@MOF yolk/shell structure and its catalytic application in a flow system,ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces,2015,7(8):4667-4674。      

21-         Hongyi Gao,Ge Wang*,Yi Luan,Kullapat Chaikittikul,Xiaowei Zhang,Mu Yang,Wenjun Dong,Zhan Shi,A fast synthesis of hierarchical yolk–shell copper hydroxysulfates at room temperature with adjustable sizes,CrystEngComm,2014,16(12):2520-2526。      期刊论文

22-         Jingjing Wang,Shuang Fan,Yi Luan,Jia Tang,Zhaokui,Jin,Mu Yang*,Yunfeng Lu*,Ultrathin mesoporous NiCo2O4 nanosheets as an efficient and reusable catalyst for benzylic oxidation,RSC Adv.,2014,5(4):2405-2410。      期刊论文

23-         Xiaowei Zhang,Wenjun Dong,Yi Luan,Mu Yang,Li Tan,Yangguang Guo,Hongyi Gao,Yinhai Tang,Rui Dang,Jie Li,Ge Wang*,Highly efficient sulfonated-polystyrene-Cu(II)@Cu3(BTC)2 core–shell microsphere catalysts for base-free aerobic oxidation of alcohols,J. Mater. Chem. A,2015,3(-):4266-4273。      期刊论文

24-         Wanchun Guo,Qian Wang,Yi Luan,Ge Wang*,Wenjun Dong,Jie Yu,Fabrication of Hierarchical Fe3O4@SiO2@P(4VP-DVB)@Au nanostructures and their enhanced catalytic properties,Chem. Asian J.,2015,10(3):701-708。      期刊论文

25-         Mu Yang,Yangguang Guo,Qiang Wu,Yi Luan,Ge Wang*,Synthesis and properties of amphiphilic nonspherical SPS/PS composite particles by multi-step seeded swelling polymerization,Polymer,2014,55(8):1948-1954。      期刊论文

26-         Xiaowei Zhang,Ge Wang*,Mu Yang,Yi Luan,Wenjun Dong*,Rui Dang,Hongyi Gao,Jie Yu,Synthesis of Fe3O4-CuO@meso-SiO2 nanostructure as a magnetically recyclable and efficient catalyst for styrene epoxidation,Catal. Sci. Technol.,2014,4(9):3082-3089。      期刊论文

27-         Yi Luan,A deuterium labeling study and substrate evaluation of the Fe(III) promoted dihydrochalcones formation via a hydride shift/hydration sequence,248th ACS National Meeting,2014.08.10-2014.08.14。      会议论文

28-         Yi Luan,Ge Wang,Enantioselective addition of boronates to hydroxybenzyl ethyl ethers catalyzed by chiral biphenols,246th ACS National Meeting,2013.09.08-2014.09.12。      会议论文

29-         Yi Luan,Scott E. Schaus,Iron-catalyzed rearrangement and dimerization of 2H-chromene Efficient construction of the mulberryfuran G tetracyclic core,240th ACS National Meeting,2010.08.22-2010.08.26。