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With over 2,500 students, the School of Materials Science and Engineering has a vibrant student body that is consistently engaged in various projects, community events, and extracurricular activities. All of these activities are supervised by the SMSE faculty and staff, and they are designed to foster a positive academic experience while encouraging stronger camaraderie between students, both Chinese and international.

Student Groups

Youth League Committee 

7386e485a196b34c3bf31e446093945f.jpgThe Youth League Committee takes charge of organizing and guiding students implementing activities about technology in order to promote technological innovation and encourage a technological atmosphere in campus. The YLC holds activities like the Technological Innovation of Undergraduate Students Presentation, Encyclopedic Knowledge Contests,and exhibitions about technology, among other events, all designed to provide a chance or platform for students to know about the Materials Science field, experience technology and pursue innovation in diversified forms.

The Admin Office of Youth League Committee

图片1.jpgThe Admin Office of Youth League Committee is a hub for coordinating between departments, student organizations and School events. It's main duty is to assist in managing SMSE’s administration procedures, review pertinent documents, issue notifications, arranging the logistics for SMSE events, and organizing future events. 

The Organization Department of Youth League Committee

图片2.jpgOrganization Department is mainly responsible for creating a constructive academic framework for students. This is done by organization, cultivating minds, creating a strong work ethic, shaping and supporting excellent students, sponsoring student group activities and creating a positive environment for USTB students to thrive.

The Department of Social Practice of Youth League Committee 

图片3.jpgThe Department of Social Practice of Youth League Committee aims to improve the university and society’s system by finding ways to integrate materials science and engineering into our communities and our lives. This is done through community service and sharing with the public helpful materials science information.

The Student Union of Youth League Committee

图片4.pngThe SMSE Student Union aims to provide services to students and enrich their college life. The Student Union is composed of six departments including the Department of Art, the Department of Propaganda, the Department of Outreach, the Department of sport,the Department of Student Services and the Administrative Office. The Student Union of the School of MSE communicates and cooperates actively with other student organizations both inside and outside the school.

MSE News Center of Youth League Committee

MS图片5.pngE News Center is an organization that delivers various news, information of activities, and other messages to teachers and students. The main jobs that we do are interview outstanding students on their activities and academic plans, then turn this information into official news by uploading the news to websites of institute and school, and also to our platform on Wechat.

The Youth Volunteer Association at the School of Materials Science and Engineering

图片6.jpgThe Youth Volunteer Association is focused on promoting social harmony and encouraging community service work with vulnerable groups. The Association actively focuses on university events for recruitment and to promote our activities. 

Career Development and Counseling Students' Association

图片7.jpgThe Career Development and Counseling Students' Association is responsible for career development and counseling. This is done through interviews of USTB alumni and other relevant figures, lectures of experts in the MSE fields, professional workshops, and other activities designed to prepare our students for whatever path they choose after graduation.

The Society of QIUSHI 

图片8.jpgThe Society of QIUSHI is designed to streamline events and the SMSE – with a special focus on freshmen and other new students. The Office is primarily divided into three groups: The Main Office, the Debate Team and the Academic Guidance Center.