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First Academic & Cultural Session of Materials Processing and Control Engineering Successfully Held

At the evening of March 30th, the first Academic and Cultural Session held by the Department of Materials Processing and Control Engineering (DMPCE) was held in the Auditorium Room 206 of the Yifu Building . In the forum, distinguished guests included Deputy Director of DMPCE Associate Professor Shi Zhangzhi, Associate Professor Zhang Chaolei, Dr. Fan Dongyu, Peng Xuefeng, Zhang Yuan, Pan Shiwei, Ye Nan, Guo Chengyu, Ji Yongjian and Wang Zhilong.

Giving the event’s first academic speech, Shi Zhangzhi brought Taoist thought to life by referring to how materials consistently interact together, extending from the nanometer to the micron to the millimeter, and by explaining how life and materials are intimately connected with each other.


Next was Zhang Chaolei, who discussed the faculty condition of his Research Laboratory, as well as the direction of employment opportunities for students after graduation. Using data from various sources, Zhang pointed out that department graduates don’t have employment opportunities limited to steel, but that in fact job prospects extended across various industries. With good humor and accessibility, the presentation was delivered in a casual style meant to reassure students.


Zhang was followed by Fan Dongyu, who pushed for the development of further materials research and then proceeded to share their own scientific research results through simple language and a video that introduced welding applications in the aerospace field. Afterwards Peng Xuefeng gave a presentation titled “Research on the Materials Molding Process in the Last Five Years,” in which the theme of the presentation was to explain the process of molding in simple terms and to elicit audience questions. Zhang Yuan delivered the next presentation on the topic of biological medical magnesium alloy preparation and degradation, meticulously sharing with student their own experiences. Next, Pan Shiwei, Ye Nan and Ji Yongjian spoke of their respective research projects. Guo Chengyu and Wang Zhilong also discussed important ongoing projects in their research lab, and spoke to students of the bright prospects of research work. The audience was very attentive, and there was noticeable interest on their end regarding the various topics discussed.

Through the activities of the forum, the students learned they could not only benefit from the professional knowledge of the speakers, but also from DMPCE’s innovative atmosphere and the students’ access to the department’s laboratories and facilities. Given the different research directions of each laboratory, students have the opportunity to specialize in fields that fit their interests and thus utilize the school’s high-end technology to carry out advanced research work.