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DMSE Holds the 2nd Teacher-Student Sports Meeting Ahead of CPC Centenary

DMSE Holds the 2nd Teacher-Student Sports Meeting Ahead of CPC Centenary

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE) held its second teacher-student sports meeting in the track-and-field ground on May 9, 2021, a move to welcome the CPC centenary, support the great cause, fly dreams and pass down the enterprising spirit of SMSE. Lots of university leaders attended the opening ceremony of the sports meeting, including Lyu Zhaoping, Vice President of University of Science and Technology Beijing (USTB), Zheng Anyang, Director of the Party Office and School Office, Zhao Liying, Deputy Head of Office of Faculty Affairs, Zong Yanbing, Party Secretary of the Changping Innovation Zone, Yao Zhihao, Deputy Dean of the Graduate School, Chen Dapeng, Deputy Head of Office of Student Affairs, Zhang Juan, Deputy Head of the USTB’s Labor Union, Shao Lihua, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee of USTB and other leaders form DMSE. Sun Jianlin, Deputy Dean of DMSE, presided over the opening ceremony.


The uplifting music of the March of the Athletes echoing in the playground kick-started the opening ceremony. Following the flag bearers, representatives from DMSE undergraduates of all grades and all units of the graduate school marched in formation. The formations of teaching faculty and students paraded into the field at an orderly pace, brimming over with high morale. They staged brilliant performance or sang out sports slogans in front of the podium, showcasing youthful vitality and the spirit of working diligently and exploring boldly.


After all formations marched into the field, the solemn flag-raising ceremony began. Then, Professor Yang, Deputy Director of DMSE and Head of Institute for Advanced Materials and Technology, delivered an opening remark on behalf of DMSE. He firstly extended sincere gratitude to the teachers and students who got involved in the preparation for the sports meeting. He pointed out that since DMSE was established three years ago, under the leadership of the school authorities, the teachers and students from all units united to achieve remarkable results in discipline development, talent cultivation, teaching competence enhancement, scientific research and social services, and a batch of outstanding teachers, research teams and students emerged. Yang stressed that on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, teachers and students were expected to foster fighting and teamwork spirit and convey to the world DMSE people’s optimism, so as to make the sports meeting a civilized, spectacular, and successful event. He called on teachers and students to promote the first-class discipline construction of USTB and welcome the CPC’s centenary with proud posture and pioneering spirit.


After that, student-athletes representative Wang Jie and teacher-athletes representative Zhang Jin respectively delivered a speech, and referee representative Tan Jiajun took a solemn oath. Subsequently, Wang Luning, Dean of SMSE and Director of DMSE, declared open the sports meeting.




In additions to the traditional events, special events were also included in this year’s sports programme, including events set for celebrating the CPC’s centenary, a parent-child event for young teachers, and class challenge.



On the track-and-field ground, athletes fully demonstrated the vitality and positive energy and strived to be the best they could be. The track-and-field athletes worked up a good sweat, but their endeavor made the competitions fiercer and won cheers and applauds from the audience. In the fun competition game, teachers walked out of offices in their spare time and got involved in the outdoor sports, a good way to ensure a stronger body and stronger mind could go hand in hand. In the parent-child event, the young teachers worked with their kids to fight for a better result, beaming with joy. The sound of laughter could be heard on the grass. In the class challenge set for undergraduates and the team competition joint by graduate students, the participants worked together to fight for their collective honor, and enhanced their friendship in laughter.



The events set for marking the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC received a warm welcome. Participants need to finish five rounds of challenges: namely making four crossings at the Chishui River (playing Chinese jump rope), The Jialing River campaign (ringtoss), seizing the Luding Bridge (darts), conquering Lazikou Pass (playing marbles), and fighting a way across the Dadu River (sandbag throwing game). The participants reviewed relevant knowledge of the CPC’s history and learnt the fighting spirit of Chinese revolutionary forefathers while improved their health in the outdoor sports.


After one-day fierce competition, the sports meeting came to an end. In the closing ceremony, students from SMSE and other units of DMSE chorused the song “No Communist Party, No New China”, paying tribute to the CPC’s centenary with a song of youth. After that, the leaders of all units under DMSE announced the prize winners and conferred awards. Finally, the sports meeting was declared closed by Deputy Party Secretary of SMSE Wang Haibo.



This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, and the success of the sports meeting demonstrates DMSE people’s a desire to excel oneself among the people and firm determination to devote themselves to the great cause. The sports meeting has promoted the integration and exchanges among different units of DMSE, and further pushed ahead with the work concerning materials science. The teachers and students from DMSE should fully display the spirit of struggle and teamwork, strive to be the best, and contribute to the country’s development with a stronger body.


(Editor-in-charge: Yuan Huiting)